When RL and SL Become One

December 26, 2009

There are four people on SL who are extremely close to me and in my first blogI highlighted just one of them. The person who introduced me to SL in order to experience the beauty of the virtual world through music, artwork and more.

However, it has been this relationship too that has been the most trying for we know each other intimately in real life and I have not just seen the beauty of SL but experienced the dark side also.

Maybe it is because I have felt alone, love to be swept up in the romance and escape real life or just need a pick me up.

Maybe it’s because I feel like thosedreams of being Cinderella who lives happily ever after do not happen in rl. Maybe just maybe…..I don’t know the answer but I wish I did life would be so much easier if we had all the answers.

The only thing I do know is that like rl we have the capability of hurting people in both lives and whatever we do, however big or small we have the ability to affect those around us.

Despite my slip ups my beloved has never faltered and his love shines through both rl and sl. He has continued to be supportive in all that I do be that being a goth, playing a knight or encouraging me with my writing and to him I will always be thankful for giving me strength, confidence, encouragement, a passion for gaming and growth in imagination. Although I know he struggles now to believe in my words. I know for a fact that he is my all and nobody could ever be as great as him.

My love you make me who I am today and I will be forever proud to be your wife, lover, soul mate and I wish I were as great as you but I am not.


Whats in a Name

December 4, 2009

I suppose you could say it all came about back at University when I came across the name Opticalillusion, which I used to create my name elsewhere on the internet. So when I was introduced to Second Life it wasn’t much of a surprise that I kept my name but changed it just a tad to Optrix, similar to Opticalillusion but with a hint of Matrix thrown in for good measure. Of course to make things more like real life (rl) no avatar is complete without a surname, which I picked out of about four pages. Thus Optrix Xaris was born and she would be met and greeted on SL as such.

Next step was to find a body and thus I did. Out of about six shapes, I picked the pink, polka dot dressed avatar and so in arriving in SL for the very first time I stepped into a sim dressed and named ready for action. Of course having someone at hand to help you as a newbie as I was lucky enough to have meant that I wasn’t going to be staying in my newbie outfit for very long and so it was that I had my very first shopping experience at Milky9, which has hundreds of free costumes to pick from. There I found rows upon rows of aisles with boxes loaded with dresses, tattoos, shoes, hair, pants and more all for £0 linden (linden being the currency in which to buy things with on SL) to use to dress your avatar.

One of the first outfits I trotted around in on SL was a little red latex outfit that fitted my avatar in all the right places and stood out alongside my new red hair and heels. So as a newbie and good looking one to (even if I do say so myself) it soon meant I had a number of admirers including a group of vampires who ordered to know how much linden I had about my avatar in order to become a vampire too. However, as I started off with no linden and still had none it was impossible to join them and although I’ve been bitten by the SL bug I am not interested in being bitten by a vampire or biting others myself.

Hello world!

November 12, 2009

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