Whats in a Name

I suppose you could say it all came about back at University when I came across the name Opticalillusion, which I used to create my name elsewhere on the internet. So when I was introduced to Second Life it wasn’t much of a surprise that I kept my name but changed it just a tad to Optrix, similar to Opticalillusion but with a hint of Matrix thrown in for good measure. Of course to make things more like real life (rl) no avatar is complete without a surname, which I picked out of about four pages. Thus Optrix Xaris was born and she would be met and greeted on SL as such.

Next step was to find a body and thus I did. Out of about six shapes, I picked the pink, polka dot dressed avatar and so in arriving in SL for the very first time I stepped into a sim dressed and named ready for action. Of course having someone at hand to help you as a newbie as I was lucky enough to have meant that I wasn’t going to be staying in my newbie outfit for very long and so it was that I had my very first shopping experience at Milky9, which has hundreds of free costumes to pick from. There I found rows upon rows of aisles with boxes loaded with dresses, tattoos, shoes, hair, pants and more all for £0 linden (linden being the currency in which to buy things with on SL) to use to dress your avatar.

One of the first outfits I trotted around in on SL was a little red latex outfit that fitted my avatar in all the right places and stood out alongside my new red hair and heels. So as a newbie and good looking one to (even if I do say so myself) it soon meant I had a number of admirers including a group of vampires who ordered to know how much linden I had about my avatar in order to become a vampire too. However, as I started off with no linden and still had none it was impossible to join them and although I’ve been bitten by the SL bug I am not interested in being bitten by a vampire or biting others myself.

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